Position ID: A7.817

KYC Operations Manager

Job Description:

Leading the KYC Department in their day to day operations.

Improving internal processes, streamlining the KYC Units functionalities.

Overseeing the development, ongoing workings and implementation of fraud risk and KYC strategies to maintain productivity and efficiency across all areas of the operation to meet its goals.

Focal Points of the role:

Ensuring deliverance of optimal level of professionalism within the departments specialized KYC areas

Main Job Functions/Responsibilities:

Ø Responsible for managing a large operation with multiple teams within KYC Fraud.

Ø Working with the relevant managers and teams on new projects focused on enhancing and optimizing fraud strategy, systems, tools, and procedures

Ø Working with the KYC Project Manager and to ensure the successful implementation of the workings of each team within your domain

Ø Identifying gaps in current systems, policies and strategies and applying processes to mitigate fraud risk and revenue loss

Ø Identify improvement areas, aimed at streamlining operations

Ø Build relationships with other departments, gaining and providing support of Customer risk procedures

Ø Involved in the recruiting efforts, partnering with HR and relevant persons to bring in top quality candidates to fill open roles

Ø Utilize data from reporting avenues to evaluate and create plans to optimize existing procedures

Ø Building KPI and SLA reporting on department goals and presenting to management and relevant persons periodically, based around set KPIs demonstrating performance across the department

Ø Participation in the exploration of new approaches and potential partnerships to support improvements to existing and new processes and being involved in any required implementation

Ø Maintaining a thorough understanding of the industry rules, Customer Risk and company policy and procedures as it applies to Fraud Risk for current and new Regulations

Ø Reviewing the success of Fraud Team Leaders, providing team focused objectives as required to attain optimal functionality within their areas

Ø Ensure your teams deliver the best and informed service relating to fraud risk areas


Job Requierments

Requirements as an applicant:

Ø Proven experience in Management or Team Leader role. With preferred experience in either online gambling regulation and/or KYC processes

Ø Strong leadership skills

Ø Previous experience in fraud and risk/AML procedures

Ø Experience of planning and progressing a series of work and projects within general guidelines

Ø Preferred knowledge of the regulations and codes of practice for all markets within the online gaming industry

Ø Experience in the overseeing the operations and day to day of a team/large group of people

Ø Motivational and performance driven attitude

Ø Well organized and rigorous in prioritization of issues

Ø Great Communication skills with the ability to work effectively with people at all levels in the organization

Ø Sets high standards of performance

Ø Ability to meet deadline, working in a fast-paced environment.

Ø Professionalism

POSITION | KYC Operations Manager | Position ID: A7.817

Privacy Policy

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